We provide a full range of design services. We work closely with our clients to realize their visions, desires and requirements in the best way possible. We provide everything required to complete a construction project to its highest standard.


At The Room, we see each architectural project as a possibility to create environments that fulfill human needs. Our architects know from experience that every project has any number of possible solutions. With our in-depth knowledge and humanistic approach we strive to create a distinguished, sustainable architecture.

Our extensive experience comes from the numerous completed projects in urban planning, commercial space, office space, private residences, industrial space, events, hotels and resort facilities.

Interior design

We believe that the core values of a business can be expressed through good interior design. In every project we strive to create spaces that reflect the distinctive character of each client. A close dialog with our clients helps us to define the special requirements of each project - all components must be in balance and interact with each other.

Our design capabilities and experiences cover a broad range of projects, including retail spaces, offices, private residences, hotels and resorts.

Project management

At The Room, we are convinced that the large magnitudes and small details must be equally acknowledged. Our team of architects, urban planners and interior designers work closely together to foresee the complexity of potential problems that might occur during a project/construction phase. With many years of construction experience, we are assured that this is the correct way to manage a project, which facilitates time-saving and cost efficiency.

We provide all related services that are required to complete a construction project; management from the beginning to end or delivery of selected elements. We aim to work closely with our clients and we consider it important to work as a part of their team.

Services we provide are:

    Project management
    Site supervision
    Design management & coordination
    Site inspections
    Quality control